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For those communities that want additional support and resources when using A Practical Guide to Building Climate Resilience, the Geos Institute provides a subscription service that is purchased on an annual basis.

The Geos Institute will begin a commercial pilot for the Climate Ready Communities subscription service in May, 2018. This pilot will include all components of the subscription service, which have been beta-reviewed and will soon be ready for use by communities.

The annual subscription includes:

  • Templates for each step (see samples below)
  • Tutorials for each template and key concepts in the Guide (see samples below)
  • Monthly 60 minute, live call-in forum
  • Email support to address technical system issues or basic questions
  • 2 hours of phone consulting per year
  • On-line community forum

Following the pilot program, we expect subscriptions to be publicly available beginning December, 2018.

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Sample Templates and Tutorials

The subscription service comes with access to a variety of tutorials and templates that have been designed specifically to help you move through A Practical Guide to Building Climate Resilience. Here are a few examples from Step 1 – Launch the Process:

  • Use this to help outline and define your project.

    Project Scope
  • This template provides a single place to collect information about potential stakeholders and Task Force members.

    Stakeholder Identification
  • Use this worksheet to ensure your Task Force represents all five community systems and includes youth and members of underrepresented communities.

    Task Force Invitees
  • This worksheet provides a single look at the confirmed members of your Task Force. Copy and paste this information into a separate document for sharing.

    Task Force Members


Developing Your Task Force

In this tutorial we cover the process of building your project Task Force, the role of the Task Force, and why comprehensive representation is important.

About Whole Community Resilience

This is a subject matter tutorial that delves more deeply into the concept of Whole Community Resilience, and examines the adaptation planning experience of Fort Collins, CO.

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