The Climate Ready Communities Program

Does your community need to build climate resilience? Are you having a hard time figuring out where to start? We can help.

As the intensity and frequency of hurricanes, floods, droughts, wildfires, heat waves, and other climate-driven disturbances increase, local leaders around the country are realizing they need to build resilience to protect their communities. But many community leaders do not know where to start and they do not have funding to hire a high-priced consultant. Sound familiar?  The Climate Ready Communities program is now available to address this challenge.

About the Program

Building on its ClimateWise® consulting services, the Geos Institute is launching the Climate Ready Communities program to bring Whole Community Resilience to local governments by utilizing an assisted “Do-It-Yourself” approach. Download the program flyer.

The Climate Ready Communities program consists of 3 elements:

  1. Comprehensive Practical Guide to Building Climate Resilience for small to medium sized communities (free)
  2. Subscription service for support using the guide ($2,499 for year one, $1,500 per year after that)
    • Templates for each step
    • Tutorials for each template and key concepts in the Guide
    • Monthly 60 minute, live call-in forum
    • Email support to address technical system issues or basic questions
    • 2 hours of phone consulting per year
    • On-line community forum
  3. Additional support services ($500 – $15k)
    • Blocks of additional consulting time
    • Local climate change projections
    • On-site facilitation, with optional documentation of workshop results
    • Webinars on climate and resilience-related topics
    • Final report writing

For questions about the Climate Ready Communities program,
contact us by email at

Or call Geoff Weaver at 541-482-4459 x305, or 503-781-7888.

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