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Sierra CAMP Brings Climate Resilience Resources and Alignment to the Sierra Nevada Region

The Sierra Climate Adaptation and Mitigation Partnership (Sierra CAMP) is a cross-sector partnership working to promote climate adaptation and mitigation strategies across the expansive Sierra Nevada region of California. Sierra CAMP, one of seven regional climate collaboratives in the state and a member of the Alliance of Regional Collaboratives for Climate Adaptation (ARCCA), is a program of Sierra Business Council. Sierra CAMP convenes a diverse group of public, private, and nonprofit entities including the Town of Truckee, U.S. Forest Service Region V, Sierra Nevada Conservancy, California Ski Industry Association, California Forestry Association, Sierra Cascade Land Trust Council, and the Sierra Institute for Community and Environment. 

Sierra CAMP promotes and facilitates regional climate adaptation and mitigation strategies, serves as a climate action capacity-building hub for Sierra communities, and fosters urban-rural connections to build statewide investment in the region’s communities and natural resources. Sierra CAMP has primarily used the Climate Ready Communities program to expand on its objective to “Build stakeholder capacity by providing climate action resources, education, and technical support.” Sierra CAMP plays a key role with the many small, rural and low capacity communities that are located within the Sierra region by providing policy information, technical support, and resources that would often otherwise not be available to these communities.  

Sierra CAMP also seeks to provide alignment and coordination across the region. One example is regional convening: in December 2018, Sierra CAMP convened over 90 stakeholders to discuss the climate impact findings of California’s 4th Climate Assessment and Sierra Nevada Regional Report. 

In the approximately 9 months since Sierra CAMP began using the Climate Ready Communities Practical Guide to Developing Climate Resilience and subscribed to the complementary Annual Support service, the program has been useful for the organization in three areas: 

  • Initiating and developing a regional vulnerability assessment concept and proposal, involving a triple-bottom-line framework and deep public engagement process across the 22-county region;  
  • Supporting a climate adaptation local government peer-to-peer group through use of the Climate Ready Communities guide, access to monthly Annual Support forums, and consulting hours as needed for selected topics; and  
  • Supporting development of climate adaptation strategies in the Town of Mammoth Lakes General Plan guidelines update.  

“The Climate Ready Communities program has been extremely relevant and useful for Sierra CAMP as a regional collaborative. The comprehensive guide with its step-by-step organization helps us and our member communities break the climate resilience planning process into manageable steps and build our internal technical expertise. We’ve found the Annual Support service to be valuable for our Peer Group in demonstrating specific adaptation case studies, and we’ve had a chance to utilize the consulting hours to conceptualize and plan key regional initiatives like the regional vulnerability assessment.”  Nikki Caravelli, Sierra CAMP Project Manager, Sierra Business Council  

Sierra Business Council pioneers and demonstrates innovative approaches and solutions to increase community vitality, economic prosperity, environmental quality, and social fairness in the Sierra Nevada.  For more information, visit and 

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