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Resilience Planning Resources

We have identified a number of resources available to help as you proceed through the Guide. This list is not meant to be exhaustive and will be updated as we learn of new resources. The items are organized to correspond with the Steps and Tasks in the Practical Guide to Building Climate Resilience.

Getting Started

  • Organizations to Foster Learning and Connection
  • Other Guides and Frameworks Reviewed for this Guide
  • Resources on Building Equitable Climate Resilience
  • Climate Change Literacy and Education
  • Resources on Outreach and Engagement, and Nature-based Solutions

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Step 1 - Launch the Project

  • Resilience Toolkits
  • Resilience Dialogue Resources
  • Climate Change Literacy and Education
  • Communications and Engagement Resources

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Step 2 - Assess Past and Future Trends

  • Sources of historic and projected climate data
  • Traditional Ecological Knowledge
  • Natural systems data sources
  • Socio-economic data sources

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Step 3 - Identify and Prioritize Vulnerabilities

  • Preparing and Facilitating the Vulnerability Workshop
  • Sample Vulnerabiliy Assessment Reports

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Step 4 - Develop and Prioritize Resilience Strategies

  • Preparing for the Resilience Strategy Development Workshop
  • Nature-based strategies

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Step 5 - Finalize and Share the Plan

Step 6 - Implement the Plan

  • Articles on approaches and best practices
  • Professional training opportunities

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Step 7 - Monitor and Reassess