About “A Practical Guide to Building Climate Resilience”

The free resource “A Practical Guide to Building Climate Resilience” is built on the Geos Institute’s Whole Community Resilience framework and walks you through creating a climate resilience plan for your community. We have built it as a Do-It-Yourself guide, pointing readers to free resources where available and incorporating lessons learned from experts in the climate resilience field.

The guide is organized around the “7 Steps” of the Whole Community Resilience Framework:

  1. Launch the Project
  2. Assess Past and Future Trends
  3. Identify and Prioritize Vulnerabilities
  4. Develop and Prioritize Resilience Strategies
  5. Finalize and Share the Plan
  6. Implement the Plan
  7. Monitor and Reassess

Each step covers a number of tasks, from creating your task force and finding climate data to hosting workshops and community engagement.

Yes, I want to build resilience in my community!

We have over 10 years of experience helping communities understand and adapt to changing climate conditions. Our Whole Community Resilience framework uses a cross-sector, multi-stakeholder approach that is adaptive over time and creates multiple benefits across the community.

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