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A Regional Cohort of Communities Developing Resilience Plans

Is your community one of several in a region considering developing its own climate resilience plan? Have you wondered how you might work together to tackle regional climate vulnerabilities while developing your own unique local plan?  

Or perhaps you operate at the county or regional level and are looking for an approach to help several local jurisdictions develop their own plans while addressing common risks by collaborating on regional strategies.  

If you are in either situation, Climate Ready Communities® can help.

We begin with our Practical Guide to Building Climate Resilience, which can be used simultaneously by multiple communities within a region. By moving through the tasks and steps at the same time, communities can share common best practices and lessons. There is no charge to use this free, do-it-yourself guide.

Many communities want the option to consult with experts and utilize the tools provided in the Climate Ready Communities® Support Package and/or our other services. Funding is required to access these services; if there is interest at the regional level, the Geos Institute can help an organization develop a funding proposal.

Cohort Options

We can offer a regional cohort* additional support options based on their unique needs. A cohort in the Climate Ready Communities® program is defined as 5 or more communities that intend to develop unique resilience plans, co-exist within a geographic region, and are beginning the planning process at the same time.

Potential benefits a regional cohort may enjoy include:

  • Shared consulting sessions on a resilience-related topic if there is common interest in the topic from multiple members in the cohort. This allows multiple communities to attend the same consulting session, which helps them each reduce their expenditure on consulting hours.  
  • A separate monthly forum focused on issues specific to the cohort available for an additional fee.
  • A regional climate primer whose cost is shared by cohort members. This approach is generally less costly than individual climate primers for each community. If the region is large enough, this primer may need to include subsections that apply to different communities within the region.
  • Special group training by webinar or in-person, such as engaging your community or workshop facilitation, available for an additional fee.

*The cohort concept is expected to apply primarily within a region, but we also welcome interest by other types of cohorts, such as tribes or other communities with common attributes (community size, rural, coastal, etc.)

More Information

To learn more about how to set up a regional cohort contact us at or call Geoff Weaver at 503-781-7888.