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Report Card


This option provides a basic set of climate projections for a specific location that includes temperature and precipitation variables. The Report Card is suggested for communities that are budget constrained and want more specific information than is available from free tools*. At a more detailed level the Report Card includes:

  • Historical climate data and future projections will be analyzed for the city or town chosen by the client on a single point basis, using the USGS latitude/longitude coordinates for the selected city or town.
  • A fixed set of 15 temperature and precipitation variables analyzed across the past/historical, mid-21st century, and late 21st century time periods.
    • Following 15 variables are presented in a table format:
      • Mean annual, summer, and winter temperature, mean annual, summer and winter precipitation (and percent change), annual precipitation as snow (if applicable), and annual climate moisture deficit (drought stress), mean warmest month temperature, mean coldest month temperature, extreme maximum temperature, number of frost free days, length of frost free period, beginning of frost free period, end of frost free period
      • The first 8 variables in this list will also be presented graphically
      • Projections data is sourced from ClimateNA; California and other states may require a different data source which can affect the quoted price for the Report Card. Historic data is modeled from Climate NA data. When local historic data is available, it will improve the quality of the Report Card, however the quoted price may change.
  • Projections will include both a higher emissions pathway (RCP 8.5) and a lower emissions pathway (RCP 4.5) for assessment of the level of impact that can be avoided with aggressive reductions in greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Deliverables:
    • Report card (2-pages) for the selected city or town includes a table, graphs, information on data sources, and a brief explanation of model uncertainty and what the models are telling us.

*Free climate projection tools include the Climate Explorer by USGS and NOAA, Cal-Adapt, and other tools provided for specific states, provinces or regions

Report Card Examples