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Resilience Planning Resources: Step 6 – Implement the Plan

See the Practical Guide to Building Climate Resilience for more information about each Step and Task.

Task 2 – Implement Initial Strategies

  • Clarke, A. (2012). Passing go: Moving beyond the plan. Ottawa: Federation of Canadian Municipalities.
  • Clarke, A. (2014). Designing social partnerships for local sustainability strategy implementation. Seitanidi, M. & Crane, A. (Eds.) Social Partnerships and Responsible Business: A Research Handbook. London, UK: Routledge (Taylor and Francis)
  • Koschmann, M. A., Kuhn, T. R., & Pfarrer, M. D. (2012). A communicative framework of value in cross-sector partnerships. Academy of Management Review, 37(3), 332–354.
  • Successful Adaptation Indicators & Monitoring (SAIM) is a 5 years+ research project to better understand and develop best practices for indicators; The program is supported by National Estuarine Research Reserve Science Collaborative but has included neighboring communities.

General Resources

  • The Association of Climate Change Officers offers a variety of training options for different professions within local government
  • The KLA Community Dashboard is a communications platform that allows you to track progress towards identified goals, engage with the community, meet transparency and accountability expectations, and increase ongoing and equitable engagement. It is available for a fee.

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