Getting Started

Organizations to Foster Learning and Connection

American Society of Adaptation Professionals (ASAP):

ASAP is a professional association with the mission to support and connect climate change adaptation professionals while advancing innovation in the field.

Association of Climate Change Officers (ACCO):
ACCO is a community of practice that provides training and learning opportunities, links regional efforts and members, and provides access to tools and resources.

Climate Adaptation Knowledge Exchange (CAKE):

CAKE is an innovative community of practice that aims to build a shared knowledge base for managing natural and built systems in the face of rapid climate change.

Georgetown Climate Center:

The nonpartisan Georgetown Climate Center advances effective climate and energy policies in the U.S. and serves as a resource to state and local communities addressing climate change.

Other Guides and Frameworks Reviewed for this Guide

ICLEI Canada –

Union of Concerned Scientists – www.ucsusa/global-warming/prepare-impacts/climate-resilience-framework-and-principles

National Association of Climate Resilience Planners’ framework for Community-Driven Climate Resilience Planning –

Urban Sustainability Directors Network’s Guide to Equitable, Community-driven Climate Preparedness Planning – _equitable_community-driven_climate_preparedness-_high_res.pdf

Resources on Building Equitable Climate Resilience

Advancing Climate Justice in California: Guiding Principles and Recommendations for Policy and Funding Decisions –

Georgetown Climate Center’s Adaptation Equity Portal –

Life After Carbon’s Innovation Network for Communities –

Movement Strategy Center tools and publications –

NAACP’s Equity in Building Resilience in Adaptation Planning publication –

Climate Change Literacy and Education

National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) white board videos about climate change –

National Oceanic and Atmospheric and Administration (NOAA) information on climate news, science, maps, and projections –  

Katharine Hayhoe videos on climate change:

Resources on Outreach and Engagement

Apathy is Boring’s Top Ten Tools for Engaging with Millennials and Generation Y – From pages 10-12 in the 2017 Report “Dear Municipalities, From Millennials.“

Nature-based Solutions

National Wildlife Federation’s Green Works for Climate Resilience guide

IUCN Publication Nature-based Solutions to Address Global Societal Challenges

Georgetown Climate Center’s Green Infrastructure Toolkit (hub for dialog, knowledge, networking)

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