Resilience Planning

Getting Started

Organizations to Foster Learning and Connection, Other Guides and Frameworks Reviewed for this Guide, Resources on Building Equitable Climate Resilience, Climate Change Literacy and Education, Resources on Outreach and Engagement, and Nature-based Solutions

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Step 1 - Launch the Project

General Resources for Developing a Taskforce, Climate Change Literacy and Education, and Laying the Foundation for Engaging your Community

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Step 2 - Assess Past and Future Trends

General Resources for Historical Climate Trends and Future Projections, Creating a Climate Trends Primer, and Creating a Community Primer

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Step 3 - Identify and Prioritize Vulnerabilities

Resources for Preparing and Facilitating the Vulnerability Workshop and Developing a Vulnerability Assessment Report

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Step 4 - Develop and Prioritize Resilience Strategies

General and Nature-based Resources for Preparing the Resilience Strategy Development Workshop and Developing Draft Strategies

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Step 5 - Finalize and Share the Plan

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Step 6 - Implement the Plan

Resources for Implementing Initial Strategies

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Step 7 - Monitor and Reassess

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