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Consulting Hours

Consulting time can be purchased in blocks of 3, 5, 10, and 20 hours. These hours may be used for phone consultation, document review, or a variety of other purposes. See below for a partial list.

Consulting hours are purchased in blocks of time, but are used in increments of 15 minutes, so a block of consulting time can be used for multiple purposes by a community.

Phone consulting time may be used to answer questions, such as how to:

  • adapt the processes, concepts or work items in the Climate Ready Communities program for your community
  • most effectively scope out and determine the boundaries of your project
  • Identify and recruit stakeholders and Task Force members
  • approach the process for getting local climate projections for your area
  • use Geographic Information Systems (GIS) tools and techniques to create well-designed maps for your climate resilience planning process
  • design, plan and execute the vulnerability assessment and strategy development workshops
  • engage your broader community in a way that is customized for your specific situation

Consulting hours can also be used to review documents, such as the climate trends and community primers, vulnerability assessment, strategy report, and final climate resilience plan.

This list is not comprehensive, so please contact us if you have a different need that can be met using consulting hours.

Please note that Geos Institute offers a focused set of add-on services in several of these areas.


3 hours


5 hours


10 hours


20 hours


Blocks of consulting time have no expiration date. Climate Ready Communities Support Package subscribers receive a 5% discount off these prices.


For questions about the Climate Ready Communities subscription or add-on services,
please contact us by email at
or call Geoff Weaver at 541-482-4459 x305, or 503-781-7888.