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Nancy Gilliam, PhD, MEd

Nancy Gilliam Dr. Nancy  Gilliam is skilled in group facilitation, instigating climate adaptation programs, stakeholder and leadership development, rural adaptation planning, forest stewardship/model forests/sustainable forest practices/policy, watershed ecology, and project development/management.

Dr. Gilliam founded the Model Forest Policy Program [MFPP] in 2000 due to proliferation of chip mills in the south and lack of forest policy. As Executive Director of MFPP, Dr. Gilliam co-led the development of Climate Solutions University [CSU] starting in 2007 from inception to reality. This program has guided 40+ rural community groups as they assessed climate risks, and developed and implemented natural resource based solutions. She led MFPP’s first pilot project to determine how local rural communities develop climate adaptation solutions. Nancy holds M.Ed. and Ph.D. degrees in counseling.

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