Climate Ready Communities Announcement

In an effort to help local leaders build climate resilience in their communities at an affordable cost, the Geos Institute announced its Climate Ready Communities program at the 2017 ICMA annual conference in San Antonio, TX on Oct 22, 2017.

At the Geos Institute, we work to keep communities whole in the face of climate change. Our goal for this new program is to ensure that communities of all sizes in the US and Canada have effective climate resilience programs in place to protect their people, natural resources, infrastructure, and culture.

The Climate Ready Communities program will include a downloadable, comprehensive Guide to Climate Resilience Planning that will be available at no cost. This Guide is based on 9 years of experience helping communities understand and adapt to changing climate conditions, and the proven framework known as Whole Community Resilience developed during this time.

This framework uses a cross-sector, multi-stakeholder approach that is adaptive over time and creates multiple benefits across the community. The framework aims to not only develop a plan, but also to strengthen local adaptive capacity, which ensures that communities have the skills necessary to update their climate resilience plans over time. In addition to the Guide, the program includes an annual subscription service to provide support to communities as they move through the 7 steps in the Guide, as well as several add-on services such as local climate projections and on-site facilitation.

Along with the Climate Ready Communities program, the Geos Institute announced a commercial pilot program for the subscription service. The Geos Institute is accepting applications now through February 28, 2018 to be one of the 15 communities in this pilot program. The list of selected communities will be announced by March 10, 2018.

These communities will begin using the subscription service in March of 2018. It is expected that most communities will want to review the Guide before finalizing their application. The beta version of the Guide will be accessible by late December 2017 to communities interested in the pilot program.

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