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Climate Resilience: Helping your Task Force members and larger community incorporate climate change risks into their work and perspectives

Communities around the nation are feeling the impacts of climate change first hand. As these impacts become more prevalent, local leaders often find themselves ill equipped to plan for an uncertain future. Climate change presents a new threat to communities, creating a need for new approaches to community planning. If your team is looking to provide accurate information and effective tools to your members so that they can move forward confidently with efforts to build local resiliency, we invite you to consider offering this webinar series on climate change resilience.

In this webinar series, we bring together some of the nation’s leading scientists and practitioners to share their lessons learned, from communicating the science to developing successful adaptation strategies.

This introductory series, intended for planning professionals, community managers, and local leaders, includes 3 modules:

  • Climate Change Basics for Poets
    • Presenters: Tonya Graham (Executive Director, Geos Institute) and Dr. Scott Denning (Monfort Professor of Atmospheric Science, Colorado State University)
    • Most of us do not have the technical background to understand the assumptions, models, and limitations of our current scientific understanding of the changing climate. In this webinar, we will cover the basics of climate change science as applicable at the local level, with a minimum of graphs and other nap-inducing visuals. This webinar will serve as an introduction to the series for your members with an emphasis on addressing the specific needs of your organization.
  • Engaging Your Community
    • Presenter: Cara Pike (Executive Director, Climate Access)
    • In this webinar, Cara will present communications and framing recommendations based on the latest polling, social science research, and best practices. These tips and tools are designed to help participants understand current public opinion trends, connect with audiences and stakeholders, and learn from what is and isn’t working in the field of community engagement.
  • A Whole Community Approach
    • Presenter: Dr. Marni Koopman (Climate Change Scientist, Geos Institute)
    • Effective climate change adaptation requires collaboration, integration, and communication across sectors and jurisdictions if we are to protect and build on what makes our communities “home.” In this webinar, participants will learn about the Whole Community Approach, determine the next steps their community can take using the ClimateWise framework, and take advantage of sample RFPs and a vulnerability assessment workbook.

$1500 package pricing includes:

  • Unlimited community streaming of each module by individuals or to an audience
  • One 15 minute, live Q&A session by each presenter, scheduled immediately after the first showing of each webinar; the Q&A session will be recorded and available subsequently for unlimited streaming by the community as an adjunct to each webinar

Optional recording of local content that can be integrated with a webinar module ($500/session) includes:

  • Remote recording of up to 15 minutes of community prepared content, using a community speaker
  • Post production touch-up and integration with the target module

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